Video Tutorials
PSID offers several video tutorials on a variety of topics.
Video Introduction to PSID  - (12:05)
   Begin with an introduction to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
Video Accessing and Downloading PSID Data  - (12:30)
    Learn how to navigate the data pages and download a data set from the Data Center.
Video Aging and Health Content in the PSID - (10:55)
   Learn about health, wealth and other aging-related content in the PSID.
Video Intergenerational Transfers - (16:24)
   View an introduction to the 2013 Family Rosters and Transfers module.
Video The Family Identification Mapping System - (11:09)
   Learn to use FIMS to create pairs of relatives in the PSID.
Video The Disability and Use of Time Supplement - (12:19)
   View an introduction to PSID's Disability and Use of Time (DUST) supplements.
Video The Childhood Retrospective Circumstances Study - (10:05)
   An overview of the 2014 Childhood Retrospective Circumstances Study (CRCS).

Written Tutorials
Each tutorial walks users through the process of creating an analytical extract within the PSID Data Center and analyzing the data to answer a question.   Tutorial #1    [Answers] Learn how to create cross-sectional files in Excel using variables from both family and individual files.   Tutorial #2    [Answers] Use Excel to track changes in participation in the Food Stamps Program between 1994 and 1999.   Tutorial #3    [Answers] Create and explore a balanced panel of women to analyze their labor income transitions from 1994 to 1998.   Tutorial #4    [Answers] Create a customized subset from a selection of CDS data modules that highlights the use of relational data structures.
    Tutorial #5-A [Answers] Create files to examine intergenerational transmission of homeownership.   Tutorial #5-B [Answers] Create files to examine intergenerational transmission of health.   Tutorial #6 Create files to examine intergenerational transmission of earnings.   Tutorial #7 Use CDS and TA to match grandparents and grandchildren.

In the classroom
These syllabi exhibit how PSID is used as a teaching tool in classrooms. Please send your syllabi to to be included on this page.   Economics 495
Frank Stafford
University of Michigan
  Labor Economics
Ngina Chiteji
Skidmore College