Video Tutorials
PSID offers several video tutorials on a variety of topics.
Video Introduction to PSID  - (12:03)
    Begin with an introduction to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
Video Documentation and Online Resources  - (5:23)
    Walk-through the website's most useful resources and documentation.
Video Accessing and Downloading PSID Data  - (12:28)
     Learn how to navigate the data pages and download a data set from the Data Center.
Video PSID Sample Weights  - (6:44)
     An overview of PSID sample weights.
Video Aging and Health Content in the PSID - (10:53)
    Learn about health, wealth and other aging-related content in the PSID.
Video Intergenerational Transfers - (16:22)
    View an introduction to the 2013 Family Rosters and Transfers module.
Video The Family Identification Mapping System - (11:07)
    Learn to use FIMS to create pairs of relatives in the PSID.
Video The Disability and Use of Time Supplement - (12:17)
    View an introduction to PSID's Disability and Use of Time (DUST) supplements.
Video The Childhood Retrospective Circumstances Study - (10:03)
    An overview of the 2014 Childhood Retrospective Circumstances Study (CRCS).
Video The Wellbeing and Daily Life Supplement - (5:00)
    An overview of the 2016 Wellbeing and Daily Life Supplement.
Video Introduction to the 2014 Child Development Supplement (CDS-2014) - (8:32)
    An overview of the ongoing CDS, the 2014 Child Development Supplement.
Video Child Development Supplement: Comparing the Original and Ongoing Studies - (8:10)
    A comparison of CDS I-III with CDS-2014 and beyond.