A seminar series is held during the academic year to provide a forum for users of the PSID data and its supplemental studies who wish to present their results and receive information and updates about the study. The seminar typically meets once a month on a Friday at the Institute for Social Research, and is open to all interested parties. To receive email invitations to the seminar, email psidhelp@umich.edu

January 24  6006 ISR  Zahid Samancioglu, UofM Economics.
Household Perception of Macroeconomic Risks
March 28  6080 ISR
  Sara Kimberlin (Stanford), June Kim (UofM), and Luke Shaefer (UofM).
Estimating the Supplemental Poverty Measure in PSID
April 4  6006 ISR  Bryan Stuart (UofM Economics)
The Response of Homeowners and Renters to Job Loss
April 11  6080 ISR  Patrick Coate, Populations Studies Center.
Adult Children's Education and Parental Health in the PSID
November 7  6080 ISR  Frank Stafford, Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
The Dynamics of Family Stock Market Participation in Times of Turbulence: Revisiting Robert Shiller, 1984
September 25  1430 BD-ISR  HwaJung Choi, Kathleen McGarry, and Bob Schoeni
Liquidity Constraints, the Extended Family and Consumption.

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