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Information about new data, related funding opportunities, and other PSID news is provided here.

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01-May-24 Panel Study of Income Dynamics News - May 2024

New data are now available within the PSID Data Center and zip packages, as
well as the 2024 User Conference Call for Papers

Child Development Supplement (CDS-2021) Final Release Data
Final release data from CDS-2021 are now available. CDS-2021 contains information on 2,590 children and their 1,576 Primary Caregivers (PCGs) who also participated in CDS-2019. Public files include the PCG-Household file, PCG-Child file, Child file, Demographics file, Household Roster file, and Cumulative Identification Map.

CDS-2021 Restricted and Sensitive Data
Final release of CDS-2021 restricted data files are now available under restricted contract and include IPEDS School Identifiers and Detailed Racial and Ethnic Identity. CDS-2021 Child Reports of Sensitive Information are now available through sensitive data agreements. Apply for sensitive data through the online application.

PSID Family Relationship Matrix (1968-2021)
Family Relationship Matrix file has been updated through the most recent wave of PSID data (PSID-2021). This individual-level stacked file describes how each resident family unit member (EGO; Sequence Number 1-20) is related to every other co-resident family unit member (ALTER; Sequence Number 1-20) in a given survey year.

**Call for papers ** 2024 PSID Annual User Conference
The 2024 PSID Annual User Conference will be held at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 12-13th, 2024. The deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2024. Notifications of decisions, either for presentation or as posters, will be sent by July 15th, 2024. Submit through the application portal.

28-Mar-24 Panel Study of Income Dynamics News - March 2024

New data are now available within the PSID Data Center and zip packages, as well as upcoming events and opportunities.

TAS-2021 Final Release Data
Final release data from TAS-2021 are now available in the PSID Data Center, the CDS-TAS Data Center, and zip packages. The TAS-2021 sample includes 2,362 young adults ages 18-28 years in PSID families. An updated User Guide, Questionnaire, and Codebook are also available on the documentation page.

TAS-2021 Restricted Data
Final releases of TAS-2021 restricted data files will be available soon under restricted data contract. The updated files include IPEDS School Identifiers, College Major, Criminal Justice Exposure, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, and Urbanicity. Information about how to apply is available here.

PSID Summer Workshop (June 17th-21st, 2024)
The Summer Workshop covers the content and design of PSID & its supplements and provides hands-on lab sessions to construct analytic data files. Some stipend support will be available to students and junior faculty.
*** Applications are due April 15th, 2024 ***

Population Association of America 2024 #PSIDatPAA
The PSID Workshop will take place on April 17th, 2024 from 8am-12pm. We will detail the design of the PSID and demonstrate the structure of publicly available data files. Register through the PAA portal. Workshop registration fees can be reimbursed by filling out this short application.

25-Jan-24 Panel Study of Income Dynamics News - January 2024

(PSID–2023) Early Release File
Housing, Mortgage Distress, Food Security, Wealth, and COVID-19
Early release data collected from PSID families from March-December 2023 on mortgage distress, housing, food security, wealth, COVID-19 & more have been released. The data file consists of a balanced panel of 8,392 families active in the PSID in both 2021 and 2023. The ZIP file contains 1 SAS data file and summary documentation. These data are preliminary, un-imputed, and some values will change for the final data release.

Mortgage Distress
Since 2009, this series obtains information on foreclosure, falling behind on payments, mortgage modification, and expectations about payment difficulties. Of the 31.2% of 2023 families with a first mortgage, 2.7% are behind on mortgage payments, down from 3.5% in 2021.

Food Security
The USDA-ERS Household Food Security Survey Module was collected from 1999-2003, and again starting in 2015. In 2023, 21.6% of families reported that ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ the food they had just didn’t last and they did not have money to get more food, which has risen from 18.3% in 2021.

COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination
PSID continued to ask families about COVID-19 during 2023. Nearly 50% of reference persons reported contracting the COVID-19 virus, with almost 15% reporting having it two or more times. Of the 72% of reference persons who reported receiving a vaccination, over 90% reported receiving more than one.