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25-Jan-24 Panel Study of Income Dynamics News - January 2024

(PSID–2023) Early Release File
Housing, Mortgage Distress, Food Security, Wealth, and COVID-19
Early release data collected from PSID families from March-December 2023 on mortgage distress, housing, food security, wealth, COVID-19 & more have been released. The data file consists of a balanced panel of 8,392 families active in the PSID in both 2021 and 2023. The ZIP file contains 1 SAS data file and summary documentation. These data are preliminary, un-imputed, and some values will change for the final data release.

Mortgage Distress
Since 2009, this series obtains information on foreclosure, falling behind on payments, mortgage modification, and expectations about payment difficulties. Of the 31.2% of 2023 families with a first mortgage, 2.7% are behind on mortgage payments, down from 3.5% in 2021.

Food Security
The USDA-ERS Household Food Security Survey Module was collected from 1999-2003, and again starting in 2015. In 2023, 21.6% of families reported that ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ the food they had just didn’t last and they did not have money to get more food, which has risen from 18.3% in 2021.

COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination
PSID continued to ask families about COVID-19 during 2023. Nearly 50% of reference persons reported contracting the COVID-19 virus, with almost 15% reporting having it two or more times. Of the 72% of reference persons who reported receiving a vaccination, over 90% reported receiving more than one.