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Information about new data, related funding opportunities, and other PSID news is provided here.

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06-Jun-19 Panel Study of Income Dynamics News - June 2019

Updated data files are now available within the PSID Data Center and zip packages, as well as updated programs and new video tutorials.

Updated Data Files
The following files have been updated with this release: Cross-Wave Individual (1968-2017), Parent Identification (2017), Childbirth and Adoption History (1985-2017), Marriage History (1985-2017), Rosters and Transfers (2013), and the Child Development Supplement Household Roster (2014).

1968-2017 PSID Family Relationship Matrix
The family unit matrix file describes how each resident family unit member (EGO, sequence number=1-20) is related to every other co-resident family unit member (ALTER) in a given survey year. Each row in the stacked file contains information about a single relationship pair, which are mirrored so that each EGO is also another person's ALTER.

Adding a Dementia Screen to the PSID
In 2017, a brief dementia screen was administered for more than 2,200 individuals ages 65 and older living in PSID family units. The screen can be used to study early- and mid-life influences on memory problems in later life. Please see the video tutorial for more information.

Family Identification Mapping System
The Family Identification Mapping System tool has been updated with the latest version of the Parent Identification File. New features are also available, including unbalanced retrospective and prospective generation maps. Read more about these options in the FIMS User Guide.

28-Feb-19 2017 PSID Data Release

New data are now available within the PSID Data Center and zip packages, as well as upcoming events and opportunities.

2017 PSID Main Interview Data
Wave 40 of the PSID has been released for 9,607 families and 26,445 individuals collected between March-December 2017, including the Parent Identification File, Marriage History File, Childbirth and Adoption History File, and Pregnancy Intentions File. Please see our Data Highlights for an overview.

2017 PSID Restricted Data
Many of the PSID restricted files have been updated and released including the Geocode Match Files, Between-Wave Moves Files, County Level Identifiers File, County where Born/Grew Up Files, Mortality File, and more. For more information please see the video tutorial 'Restricted Data in the PSID'.

Population Association of America - 2019 Annual Meeting
Please join us at PAA 2019 in Austin, Texas from April 10-13th, 2019. Visit us in our exhibit booth (#22) and learn more about PSID data at the PSID Informational Workshop on April 10th from 1-3pm - JW Marriott, room 213. Find PSID related sessions in the PAA Preliminary Program.

PSID Data User Workshop - June 10-14, 2019, Ann Arbor, MI
PSID will offer a training workshop covering the content and design of PSID & its supplemental studies and provide hands-on lab sessions to construct analytic data files. Some stipend support may be available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Applications are due April 12th, 2019.