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PSID offers several video tutorials on a variety of topics.

Core Curriculum
Begin with an introduction to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
Walk-through the website's most useful resources and documentation.
Learn how to navigate the data pages and download a data set from the Data Center.
An overview of PSID sample weights.
Learn to use FIMS to create pairs of relatives in the PSID.
Learn how to merge individuals across files and follow them over time.
Understand how to define a PSID family and follow families over time.
Learn about different units of analysis in the Main PSID.
An overview of PSID restricted data files, application process, and the Virtual Data Enclave.
Supplemental Studies and Topics
Learn about the dementia screening questions added to the PSID in 2017.
Learn about health, wealth and other aging-related content in the PSID.
An overview of the ongoing CDS, the 2014 Child Development Supplement.
A comparison of CDS I-III with CDS-2014 and beyond.
An overview of the 2014 Childhood Retrospective Circumstances Study (CRCS).
View an introduction to PSID's Disability and Use of Time (DUST) supplements.
View an introduction to the 2013 Family Rosters and Transfers module.
A comparison of the Original and Ongoing TAS Supplements.
An overview of the 2016 Wellbeing and Daily Life Supplement.