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A seminar series is held during the academic year to provide a forum for users of the PSID data and its supplemental studies who wish to present their results and receive information and updates about the study.

All seminars are from 1-2pm (unless listed otherwise) and held on Zoom until further notice.

May 19 - Zoom Meeting ID: 936 3219 8374
Margaret Whitley (Univ of Michigan)
Title: TBA
May 5 - Zoom Meeting ID: 992 2665 2091
Alexander Adames (University of Pennsylvania)
Deciphering the Structure of Systemic Racism? Racial Differences in the Intergenerational Association of Intragenerational Income Mobility
April 14 - Zoom Meeting ID: 940 1512 9439
Jake Hays (University of Michigan)
Family Structure and Household Wealth Inequality among Children
March 24 - Zoom Meeting ID: 917 5596 6482
Nishaad Rao (University of Michigan)
The Intergenerational Wealth Effects of Local Labor Markets
Feb. 17 (11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon)  - Zoom Meeting ID: 934 9548 6325
Tyler Radler (University of Michigan)
Child Health and Household Labor Supply
Jan. 20 - Zoom Meeting ID: 981 7411 1999
Sasha Killewald (Harvard University)
Have Changing Family Demographics Narrowed The Gender Wage Gap?

November 18 - Zoom Meeting ID: 917 1609 6152
David Brady (University of California, Riverside)
The Long Arm of Prospective Childhood Income and Social Policy for Adult Health
October 28 - Zoom Meeting ID: 913 4002 3695
Zachary Parolin (Bocconi University)
Exposure to Childhood Poverty and Racial Differences in Economic Opportunity in Young Adulthood
September 30 - Zoom Meeting ID: 948 7614 0115
Michael A. Schultz (University of Texas at Austin)
Bring the Households Back In: The Effect of Poverty on the Mobility of Low-Wage Workers to Better Wages
June 24 - Zoom Meeting ID: 943 2922 3432
Stephanie Heger (University of East Anglia)
Vice and Virtue Behaviors: Substitution and Non-Substitution Effects
May 20 - Zoom Meeting ID: 918 6267 9681
Bradley Hardy (American University)
Reinforcing Inequalities: Wealth Inequality, Income Volatility, and Race
April 22 - Zoom Meeting ID: 930 7346 9613
Noura Insolera (U of M)
Long-term impacts of College Students’ Food Insecurity on Future Socioeconomic Status, Wealth, and Food Insecurity
March 25 - Zoom Meeting ID: 963 0113 8077
Alexander Theloudis (LISER)
Intrahousehold Commitment and Intertemporal Labor Supply
March 11 - Zoom Meeting ID: 965 1592 9538
Davis Daumler (U of M)
Cycles of Poverty and the Timing of Disadvantage
February 18 - Zoom Meeting ID: 997 8032 6536
Christina Cross (Harvard)
Color, Class, and Context: Examining Heterogeneous Family Structure Effects
January 21 - Zoom Meeting ID: 956 9620 3397
Frank Stafford (U of M)
Gender Differences in Choosing a STEM Career: Using the Child Development Supplement and the Transition to Adulthood

October 25 - 6050 ISR
Murray Leibbrandt (University of Cape Town)
South Africa's National Income Dynamics Study 2008-2018: Survey Challenges and Research Findings

September 29 - 1430 BD-ISR
HwaJung Choi (Internal Medicine, School of Medicine)
April 13 - 1430 BD-ISR
Kyle Herkenhoff (Univ of Minnesota)
Can’t Pay or Won’t Pay? Unemployment, Negative Equity,and Strategic Default.
March 24 - 1430 BD-ISR
Frank Stafford (U of M)
How Important are Parental Occupations to the New Generation’s Occupation Mobility?
February 3 - 1430 BD-ISR
Heta Poylio (University of Turku)
Intergenerational Inequalities in the Impact of the Great Recession on Higher Education Enrollment.
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