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Small Grant Winners
The "SES and Health across Generations and over the Life Course" small grants competition was supported by a grant to PSID from NIA. An expert review committee selected 8 of the 40 submissions for an award on the basis of thematic relevance, significance, innovation, feasibility, strength of research design, and likelihood of leading to a larger externally funded research project. The awardees, their institutions, and their projects are as follows:

Megan Beckett, Rand
"Intergenerational Transmission of SES and Health: Testing Possible Role of the "Weathering Hypothesis" Using the PSID."
Dalton Conley, NYU
"The Role of Health Status in Intra- and Intergenerational Wealth Security and Mobility."
John Fitzgerald, Bowdoin College
"Attrition in Sibling Models of Intergenerational Correlations in Health and Economic Status in the PSID."
Hilary Hoynes, UC-Davis
"Childhood Exposure to the Food Stamp Program, Long Run Health and Economic Outcomes."
Bhashkar Mazumder, FRB-Chicago
"Family and Community Influences on Health and Socioeconomic Status: Decomposing Sibling Correlations over the Life Course."
Tatjana Meschede, Brandeis University
"Negative Health Events and Wealth Trajectories for Working Age Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis and Exploration by Race and Ethnicity."
Patrick Sharkey, NYU
"Multigenerational Neighborhood Effects on Child Depression and Other Health Outcomes."
Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest, ICPNY
"Early Childhood Poverty and the Occurrence of Inflammation in Adulthood."