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A seminar series is held during the academic year to provide a forum for users of the PSID data and its supplemental studies who wish to present their results and receive information and updates about the study. The seminar typically meets once a month on a Friday at the Institute for Social Research, and is open to all interested parties. To receive email invitations to the seminar, email psidhelp@umich.edu

September 29 - 1430 BD-ISR
HwaJung Choi (Internal Medicine, School of Medicine)
April 13 - 1430 BD-ISR
Kyle Herkenhoff (Univ of Minnesota)
Can’t Pay or Won’t Pay? Unemployment, Negative Equity,and Strategic Default.
March 24 - 1430 BD-ISR
Frank Stafford (U of M)
How Important are Parental Occupations to the New Generation’s Occupation Mobility?
February 3 - 1430 BD-ISR
Heta Poylio (University of Turku)
Intergenerational Inequalities in the Impact of the Great Recession on Higher Education Enrollment.

December 2 - 1430 BD-ISR
Nora Waitkus (U of M)
Patterns of Wealth Accumulation in the United States
September 30 - 6006 ISR
Brad Hershbein (U of M)
Degrees of Poverty: the Lifetime Returns to Education by Family Income Background
September 23 - 6006 ISR
Xiaqing Zhou (U of M)
Home Equity Extraction, Housing Expenditure, and Aggregate Shocks
August 10 - 6080 ISR
Jason Fields - Survey Director, US Census Bureau
Developing an Adaptive Workload Intervention: Experience in 2014 SIPP Wave 3
May 13 - 1430 BD-ISR
Asta Breinholt - PSID (U of M)
Parenting Style, Parenting Practices and Intergenerational Transmission of Education
April 8 - 1430 BD-ISR
Mike Zabek (U of M)
Families, Migration, and Job displacements
February 25 - 1430 AC-ISR
David Johnson-PSID (U of M)
Inequality in 3D: Inequality and Mobility Using Income, Consumption, and Wealth for the Same Individuals
January 29 - 1430 BD-ISR
Luke Shaefer (U of M)
Is Poverty an Ace? Exploring Associations Between Family Income and Adversity in Childhood and Adult Health and Socio-Economic Outcomes
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