PSID History
(5:47 minutes)

PSID Overview
(17:09 minutes)
PSID staff has created videos as a tool for training interviewers. The content, in these videos may also be useful to users of the data, providing an introduction to the survey as well as an overview of study terminology and different sections of the instrument.
* The 7 digit Sample-ID mentioned in the training video is only used during data collection and is not on our release files. Instead, data users should use 68ID (ER30001) in conjunction with Person Number (ER30002) to identify each individual.
Basic concepts Questionnaire sections  
Sample membership and management
(14:43 minutes) *
Section A: Housing
(8:02 minutes)
Section P: Pensions
(8:31 minutes)
Family units and housing units
(12:48 minutes)
Section BCDE: Employment
(15:17 minutes)
Section H: Health and healthcare costs
(7:10 minutes)
Coding relationships
(15:53 minutes)
Event history calendar
(13:26 minutes)
Section J: Marriage and children
(4:44 minutes)
Family changes 1
(16:06 minutes)
Section F: Food, vehicles, and other expenses
(4:55 minutes)
Section KL: Background of new head and wife/"wife"
(4:18 minutes)
Family changes 2
(12:01 minutes)
Section G: Income
(14:16 minutes)
Section M: Philanthropy
(3:36 minutes)
  Section W: Wealth
(7:10 minutes)