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Below is a list of citations havingRacial-Ethnic Differences (832) as a keyword.

Williams, Trina Rachelle. The Impact of Household Wealth and Poverty on Child Development Outcomes: Examining Asset Effects: Washington University; 2003. Dept: School of Social Work
Keywords: Child Development Supplement; Children; Health, Disability & Mortality; Poverty; Racial-Ethnic Differences; Wealth, Assets & Pensions

Baxter, Marianne. Social Security as a Financial Asset: Gender-Specific Risks and Returns. Journal of Pension Economics and Finance. 2002. 1, (1): 35-52.
Keywords: Aging; Education Attainment & Achievement; Gender Differences; Government Transfers; Racial-Ethnic Differences

Dawkins, Casey J. Evidence on the Intergenerational Persistence of Residential Segregation by Race. Urban Studies. 2005. 42, (3): 545-555.
Keywords: Aging; Intergenerational Influences & Transfers; Neighborhoods & Geographic Mobility; Racial-Ethnic Differences

Simonton, Sharon Z. An Examination of Associations Between Socioeconomic Position and Childhood Overweight for Black and White Children in the United States: University of Michigan; 2005. Dept: Epidemiological Science, School of Public Health
Keywords: Child Development Supplement; Children; Education Attainment & Achievement; Health, Disability & Mortality; Income; Neighborhoods & Geographic Mobility; Racial-Ethnic Differences; Wealth, Assets & Pensions

South, Scott J. and Crowder, Kyle D. Exiting and Entering High-Poverty Neighborhoods: Latinos, Blacks and Anglos Compared. Social Forces. 2005. 84, (2): 873-900.
Keywords: Government Transfers; Neighborhoods & Geographic Mobility; Poverty; Racial-Ethnic Differences

Rooney, Patrick M., Mesch, Debra J., Chin, William, and Steinberg, Kathryn S. The Effects of Race, Gender, and Survey Methodologies on Giving in the U.S. Economic Letters. 2004.
Keywords: Philanthropy; Racial-Ethnic Differences; Survey Methodology

McBrier, D. B. and Wilson, G. Going Down? Race and Downward Occupational Mobility for White-Collar Workers in the 1990s. Work and Occupations. 2004. 31, (3): 283-322.
Keywords: Labor Market & Outcomes; Racial-Ethnic Differences

Spilimbergo, Antonio and Ubeda, Luis. Family Attachment and the Decision to Move by Race. Journal of Urban Economics. 2004. 55, (3): 478-497.
Keywords: Family Formation & Composition; Neighborhoods & Geographic Mobility;